Solar Hot Water System Rebates


Federal Rebates

The Labor government has abruptly ended the renewable energy bonus scheme 4 months early. Liberal Party Leader Tony Abbott will introduce a pirvate members bill into parliament to reinstate the axed rebate to 30 June 2012.  This will be annouced in mid March if successful.

NOTE: You are not eligible for the Federal solar hot water rebate if you have already applied for the Federal ceiling insulation rebate.


NSW Rebates

The NSW state government is no longer providing a rebate of $300.00 for changing from an electric hot water heater to a gas or solar hot water system.  This scheme ceased on 30th June 2011.

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Solar Hot Water RebateAs of the 1st January 2011, RECs have been replaced by Small Scale Technology Certificates, or STCs. Each solar hot water system or heat pump you purchase has been given a pre-determined STC value based on the model and the location it is installed in.  Sydney and most of NSW is in Zone 3.  The more energy efficient the system is, the higher the number of STCs that are assigned to the unit.   

STCs are publicly traded like a share and their value fluctuates. Usually the STC value of your hot water system will be deducted from the cost to you, as a point of sale discount.

Some commonly used Solar Hot Water Systems and their STCs Value (Updated 31/5/12)

Apricus 315ltr Mid Element Glass Lined Tank with 30 Evacuated Tubes = 37 STCs

Rinnai Prestige 330 Closed Coupled with 2 x Excelsior FTC Panels = 39 STCs

Siddons Solar Stream 327ltr Heat Pump = 26 STCs

Apricus 400ltr Mid Element Glass Lined Tank with 40 Evacuated Tubes = 46 STCs

Rinnai Sunmaster 270ltr Gas 26 with 2 x Excelsior FTC Panels = 43 STCs

Working out the reduction in price to you

You would take the system you have selected and multiply it’s STC value by the current trade price.

Eg: You select the Rinnai Sunmaster 270 Ltr with Gas Boost which has 43 STCs.  Multiply 43 by the current trading value per STC, eg $33.

43 x $33 = $1419 Point of Sale Discount

This price would be deducted from your invoice by Hot H2o and clearly shown on your invoice so you know exactly how our pricing structure works.

If you would like to learn more about the STCs and the process used to claim this financial benefit for installing solar hot water systems, Free Call us today and we will assist you with up to date information.

Or, for further information on STCs download this pdf

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